IV Sedation

Who Needs IV Sedation? IV sedation is best for those who have serious anxiety and or fear about going to the dentist or for patients undergoing more difficult and longer procedures.

Dr Angelo Preketes has a post graduate diploma in Conscious Sedation and Pain Control from Sydney University. Dr Angelo Preketes understands dental phobias and knows that dentistry shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable or traumatic for patients. Dr Angelo Preketes exclusively offers IV sedation to his patients in a safe and controlled environment here at the practice on Macquarie St. With highly qualified personal on site looking after you at all times.

What is IV Sedation? IV sedation is a modern technique known as ‘conscious sedation’ sometimes known as ‘Twilight sedation’. This means that you are still ‘awake or conscious’ which makes it safer than a general anaesthetic which renders a patient completely unconscious. IV sedation has less patient down time; with quicker recovery and no need for in-hospital stays. The medicines given will induce a state of deep relaxation and you will still be able to follow instructions given by Dr Angelo Preketes throughout the procedure. The medicines given to you also have ‘amnesic’ memory loss properties which means that time seems to go faster and it is highly unlikely that you will remember the procedure. It will feel like you were asleep the whole time.

How Does IV Sedation Work? IV or “intravenous” means that the medicines are put into the blood stream on either the inner elbow or back of the hand. Throughout the procedure your vital signs including your Blood pressure, ECG, Heart rate, oxygen levels and pulse are continuously monitored. You will recover at the surgery and will require a responsible adult to privately transport you directly home and supervise you for the rest of the day.

Is IV Sedation Safe? IV sedation is safe in qualified hands and alleviates the trauma that can be associated with dental treatment such as wisdom teeth removal and dental implant surgery or for general dentistry such as teeth cleaning and fillings. Please speak to one of our staff about IV sedation and whether it is right for you.