General Dentistry


Check-up and cleans are an essential way to maintain your oral health. Dr Preketes evaluates your oral health checking the soft tissues, palate, gums, the floor of your mouth, tongue and teeth. Taking low dose radiographs as needed. Professional cleaning should be achieved every 6 months for optimal health.


White composite fillings that match the colour of your teeth are used to fill cavities or holes and restore back teeth and front teeth.


Inlays are used when there are larger areas of a tooth missing for example the edge or wall of a tooth. They are structurally much stronger than composite white fillings and restore molar teeth giving them longevity. An imprint is taken of the missing area and sent to our TGA registered Australian Dental Labs to make what looks like a ‘puzzle piece‘ that is then inserted into the missing area to restore the tooth back to its original shape anatomy and all.


No one likes losing a tooth but it can happen for many reasons and sometimes a tooth just cannot be saved. A broken tooth after a vertical fracture or split, failed Root Canal Treatments, bone loss around a tooth that’s made it wobbly or serious decay breakdown of a tooth and infections can mean it will need removing. IV sedation is also available for this treatment.


Periodontal disease otherwise known as ‘gum disease’ is a silent disease when bacteria get in between the snug cuff of gum around a tooth and the body’s immune response to the infection is to eat away at the alveolar bone in which the teeth sit. When too much bone is resorbed by this destructive process the teeth become mobile or wobbly. Just like houses on a beach if the waves erode the sand the house foundations are exposed and eventually the house will collapse. If periodontal disease is affecting your life consult with Dr Preketes, options may be available to you such as implants and bridges. Maintenance is key in arresting this silent disease.


See IV Sedation.