single tooth implants

Dental Implants are used when we have a missing tooth or missing teeth. A TGA registered dental implant is placed into the jaw bone and left to fuse to the bone this acts as the root of the tooth. Once the titanium dental implant has fused or ‘osseointegrated’ second stage surgery is performed. Two weeks later impressions of the area are taken and sent to our Australian Dental lab to make a dental implant crown that will screw into the implant internally. Implants are to be looked after by patients exactly like a real tooth they must be gently flossed and brushed twice daily.


When multiple teeth are missing in an arch or all the teeth are missing multiple TGA approved titanium dental implants may be placed (depending on bone levels) into the jaw bone, they are left to heal for three to six months depending on the patient’s case. Approximately two weeks later impressions are taken and sent to our Australian Dental labs to create a superstructure that screws internally to the implants. The teeth look natural and you will be able to use them like real teeth. Depending on what is right for your case these structures come in porcelain and acrylics. Dr Preketes has Post Graduate qualifications from the University of Sydney in Oral Implants and has been performing implant surgery since 1991 with great success, restoring patients quality of life.


Implants may be used to stabilise loose dentures. Depending on a patient’s bone levels two or more dental implants may be placed into the jawbone. Special buttons are then attached to the implants that will clip to the underside of the denture and keep it in place. Unlike a fixed implant superstructure which can only be removed by professional means. An implant supported denture can be easily removed for cleaning and sleeping.