Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last set of permanent teeth (third molars) that erupt from the gums in people in their late teens, twenties and sometimes even older. As we have evolved and our food has become more refined, so to our mouths have become smaller. This means when wisdom teeth erupt through the gums there is no room for them. This causes serious pain and can lead to infections and swelling as a result of food traps, biting on swollen gums and movement of the surrounding teeth as the wisdom teeth try to push through the gums.

Wisdom teeth can erupt in different positions and if they have an obstacle (another tooth) in the way we call them ‘impacted’. It is important to establish the position of wisdom teeth before they erupt with a radiograph. This should be done when a patient is in their teens to see whether wisdom teeth will be an issue for the patient later on.

Removal of troublesome wisdom teeth starts with a consult with Dr Preketes and a referral for a special 3D diagnostic radiograph that looks at the position of the wisdom teeth and the wisdom teeth’s roots proximity to a special nerve (the inferior dental nerve) that supplies sensation to the tongue and lips. This special image also examines the upper wisdom teeth’s roots proximity to the sinus cavities. 

Once diagnosed and ID nerve position established wisdom teeth removal is booked in under IV sedation here at the clinic. You will follow special instructions prior to your appointment and will be here at the clinic for about 2.5hrs.

Once recovered a responsible adult (parent/ partner/friend) will collect you from the clinic and privately transport you straight home. Downtime after wisdom teeth removal is about 4-5 days. 



See the IV Sedation page for more info.